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AND while not perfect (is anything?) I can promise that you will find some great recipes included--including a BLUE RIBBON WINNER!!  SEE THE DEDICATION and bake the cake the organization's namesake won with.  Recipes were donated by NURSES, THEIR FAMILIES, FRIENDS and NEIGHBORS-you might recognize some.  Baked, air fried, broiled, soups, salads,breads, and of course... desserts are included.  Helpful hints, measurements, and tasty tips are what you will find inside.  AND funds all go to our NURSES' SCHOLARSHIP FUND.  

   Buy now for gifts...birthdays and special occasions that may arise.  And use it yourself.  Remember that we are trying to fulfill vacancies in the Healthcare Field

 with educated and knowledgeable Nurses!  

Who needs Nurses?  Doctor's offices, hospitals, hospices, clinics, Emergency Rooms and EVEN NURSING INSTITUTIONS OF HIGHER EDUCATION to train them.  There's a shortage there, too.  Go to our Facebook page Sampson's Int'l Nurses to see interesting articles regarding all kinds of stories. and information.  

Who can use our Cookbooks?  Newlyweds, Fire Departments( remember, they cook in-house), bored people AND don't forget your young family members who cook and bake today like my grandkids who enjoy whipping up

family meals and desserts.  Mine, do.  They are spurred on by Food Network and similar shows of food competitions.  So give them a book that funds SCHOLARSHIPS.  Who knows, it could be them in the Future.

DO YOU HAVE AN ORGANIZATION THAT WANTS TO HELP?  CONTACT US and we will offer a deal so it is a win-win for all.  

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It’s a New Year and 2024 will see Sampson’s take incredible strides towards its Mission of helping Nurses move forward into their profession.  I’m so proud of our graduating students as they work together through their classwork and Clinicals, and then take their State Boards – no matter where they are.  Did you know that over 90% of them have jobs offered to them dependent on their passing the State Boards?  That’s why we do what we do. We fundraise; we ask for donations; and in the last few days of 2023 if you need a tax write -off or want to Pledge funds and help some dedicated individuals AND their families-please think about helping our Nurses realize their Calling and see the many opportunities open to them in  today’s world. 

Anyway, just to show you some of the bright and shiny faces that will be gracing bedsides and specialty departments all over the world - feel free to visit our newly-formed Facebook page 

Sampson’s Int’l Nurses.  


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It was a big year for Sampson's International Nursing Society, Inc.

We saw the 2nd Anniversary of our organization and now is the chance to reflect and look to its future.
               We attended two Honor Flights at RSW (Southwest International Airport) to welcome back returning Veterans who were treated to a Washington, D.C. trip to view monuments that honored their contribution to America's Freedoms.  
    Numerous Pinning Ceremonies at local schools were attended by members throughout the entire year.   Those who were professional nurses, now retired nurses like our CEO-Founder Linda F. Hill, LPN; Vice-President Isoline Litchmore RN; and  members Pat Pruss, RN and Pamela McCoy, RN,BSN, MSN attended wearing nurse's whites.  We attended ceremonies at Nova Southeastern University, Hodges University, Rasmussen in Fort Myers and Cape Coral Technical College, Cape Coral.
 Through marketing efforts and our members who also have affiliations with other organizations, we received some wonderful donations.  Those include Elks Lodge 2010, Naples; local Kiwanis- Naples on the Gulf Chapter, the Newcomers Club of South Naples; and even employees of FULLER FUNERAL HOME (north) through its Manager-Director Kim Borselli, who serves on Sampson's Board. In fact, he was presented with a plaque at our Gala in honor of his staff for donating more than any other donor thus far. Nova University's Edward Franco, Campus Director and Senior Director of Admissions, also serves as a Board member and is instrumental with getting Nursing Students service hours and giving ud help for our events like our 2023 Fall Gala which netted us almost $8,200 in donations in which the majority will go to future scholarship recipients.  In fact, more than half of the total of 78 scholarships given in the 2 1/2 years of inception went to Local AND International students either due to need or exemplary service. Students also participated in Nurses Week events like the 2022 "Walk in My Shoes" and a luncheon last year when Founder of Hodges University, Mrs. Thelma Hodges, attended. Edward Franco, also serves as a member of the Board of Directors of Sampson's. Outstanding Kiwanis members who also serve on our Board include:  Linda F. Hill;  Allison O'Reilly, our Secretary; Kevin O'Reilly; and Joe Paterno, all members of our Board of Directors. Other members of Sampson's Board include Dorothy Jackson, the group's Vocalist who performs at monthly meetings and other events; and Jackie Grace, our Creative Director and Website Developer. Our Treasurer, Melissa Palacios is a former Kiwanis member and owns MP Accounting Services in Naples. She works hard at keeping us on the straight and narrow.  Thank you, Melissa.
Other Supporting Members include Caren Myers, RN, past Secretary; Gay Hollowell, Volunteer Services Manager at VITAS Healthcare; Cynthia Rue of Fort Myers and Pamela McCoy, a retired Air Force Veteran and VA Nurse. 
Both Myers, Rue and Litchmore also run schools and nursing education programs.  And I would be remiss to not include local hospices, VITAS and AVOW who support us with valuable information.  
The 2024 OUTLOOK
This next year will find us attempting partnerships with other local organizations in order to defray operating costs and hopefully, making even MORE funding available for scholarships.  Look for future opportunities and events like our Cook Book, available soon.  (And a big "thank you" to Lorie-Ann Litchmore for typing recipes.)  

The Nursing Shortage is real -- and nationwide and vacancies need to be filled with trained, educated nurses and health professionals.  You can ALL help by helping us get in touch with accredited nursing programs at technical schools and universities WORLDWIDE.  Scholarship applications are available online at  And stay in the know with our new Facebook page Sampson's Int'l Nurses.

                                                                                      LOOK OUT 2024--HERE WE COME!

Barbara Belkoff

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