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My Contribution To The Cause...

Updated: May 28, 2022

Anyone who donates $1000. to Sampson's International Nursing Society will receive an Edited Video between 1-3 Min's. for. $50.00 (value of 1000.00) Must be for you personally or YOUR business. To include YOUR photo's, video's and anything you wish me to edit into a short video with sound. I have a library of multiple venues of music that are licensed. It will take me one week from start to finish. You will see a preview and may ask for 3 edit changes. Any other changes will be charged $50.00 / change. Anything longer then 3 Min's will be discounted, and discussed per project. Logo Design is $50.00 if you donate $500. to Sampson's. (Logo Coupon Separate from Video Editing.) DURING THE HOLIDAY SEASON, PEOPLE WILL BE WANTING TO SHARE THEIR MEMORIES. I AM OFFERING THIS SERVICE TO ANYONE WILLING TO DONATE. THIS IS MY TIME & SERVICES TO "SAMPSON'S CONTRIBUTORS" OF $500./$1000. OR MORE! This is a deal of a lifetime for this type of service. The quicker you donate, and send me the details of project you wish for, the faster it will be completed. On a first to Donate, First on my list...No time constraints on this offer. I work fast and due time constraints, I will not favor anyone over another...Once you donate, email me and I will verify your donation with the organization. You will then receive a reply with directions on "How-To" work with me on your project, and send files I will need for editing process. Tell me what your thoughts are and I will create your project. I hope this entices you to Donate With A Huge Heart. As I am passionate about the Charity and what I do. Here is an old sample of a short video for my store. I got better with time and new equipment. By the way...DUE TO LIMITED TIME BEFORE THE GALA, I am currently working on the Sampson's Website and all future orders will commence, starting January 1st, 2022.

Happiest of Holidays To ALL! & To ALL a Good Night.

Thank You! Jackie Grace

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