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SHE PASSED! SHE PASSED!! Satrina Oliveria, an LPN graduate of Rasmussen University-Fort Myers, took her State Boards days after receiving her scholarship from Sampson’s International Nursing Society. She has 2 job offers and is ready to rock n roll. Shown on left is CEO/Founder Linda F Hill, LPN. who is a nurse for over 50 years.

A mother of a six year old boy, two year old twins and one on the way, she was ecstatic to receive a scholarship that will enable her to be gainfully employed. Also battling homelessness, she worked hard and received awards from both faculty and her peers at graduation. She will be joining her significant other in Orlando very soon and has her choice of two jobs that have been extended to her in that area.

A library in Lehigh Acres served as the setting of a 24th recipient’s scholarship. Satrina Oliveria, now an LPN, recently graduated from Rasmussen University in Fort Myers, was awarded a scholarship grant from Sampson’s International Nursing Society Inc. headquartered in Naples.

Donations of any amount are welcomed as we have graduations all through this last quarter. Feel free to go to

Dear Friend,

As you know, SWFL was devastated by Hurricane Ian. I hope you and your family are safe and escaped with little damage. Thus, Sampson’s International Nursing Society has decided with their Board, to cancel the Fall Harvest Festival on November 17th,. Next year’s event is already scheduled, so mark your calendar for Thursday, November 16, 2023, again, at the Vineyard’s Country Club. We are planning a variety of fundraisers as nurses are so important and much needed. We hope you will join us as new fundraisers are planned. We also hope to have past and future scholarship recipients at these events.

** Nurses continue to graduate and need our help. We need your help. Please donate today. Go to our website

Thank you for your continued support and I apologize for any inconvenience.

Stay safe.


Linda F. Hill, LPN

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