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November Harvest News

RN’s & LPN’s ~ All Nurses OH MY!

Sampson’s International Nursing Society, Inc. headquartered in Naples, Florida gave out scholarships to students for their State Boards at a luncheon November 16th.

Special guest was Thelma Hodges, a Founder of Hodges University, Fort Myers & Hodges Funeral Home.

Present at the luncheon were faculty members of Hodges, Rasmussen, and Nova Southeastern Universities and candidates for scholarships.

Executive Board Members and Community Members and Businesses celebrated this event at a Naples Italian Restaurant.

Founder/CEO Linda Hill, LPN presented checks to the recipients while President Barbara Belkoff handed out special necklaces to those in attendance including Mrs. Hodges who was our oldest attending nurse.

Donations are always appreciated as we have several upcoming Graduations 2022 and into 2023!

We have surpassed our 1/2 way mark for our goal of 50 scholarships.

We couldn’t be more proud of what we have accomplished with our Graduating Nurses!

99% have passed their Boards the first time! And ALL have been offered jobs!

We appreciate your continued support so that we can place more where they are much needed.

A big shout out to ~Giovanni Ristorante and Bar Italiano


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