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Sampson's Cookbook Is Here!


AND while not perfect (is anything?) I can promise that you will find some great recipes included--including a BLUE RIBBON WINNER!!  SEE THE DEDICATION and bake the cake the organization's namesake won with.  Recipes were donated by NURSES, THEIR FAMILIES, FRIENDS and NEIGHBORS-you might recognize some.  Baked, air fried, broiled, soups, salads,breads, and of course... desserts are included.  Helpful hints, measurements, and tasty tips are what you will find inside.  AND funds all go to our NURSES' SCHOLARSHIP FUND.  

   Buy now for gifts...birthdays and special occasions that may arise.  And use it yourself.  Remember that we are trying to fulfill vacancies in the Healthcare Field

 with educated and knowledgeable Nurses!  

Who needs Nurses?  Doctor's offices, hospitals, hospices, clinics, Emergency Rooms and EVEN NURSING INSTITUTIONS OF HIGHER EDUCATION to train them.  There's a shortage there, too.  Go to our Facebook page Sampson's Int'l Nurses to see interesting articles regarding all kinds of stories. and information.  

Who can use our Cookbooks?  Newlyweds, Fire Departments( remember, they cook in-house), bored people AND don't forget your young family members who cook and bake today like my grandkids who enjoy whipping up

family meals and desserts.  Mine, do.  They are spurred on by Food Network and similar shows of food competitions.  So give them a book that funds SCHOLARSHIPS.  Who knows, it could be them in the Future.

DO YOU HAVE AN ORGANIZATION THAT WANTS TO HELP?  CONTACT US and we will offer a deal so it is a win-win for all.  

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