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Updated: Oct 16, 2023

Barbara Belkoff, President

It's that time of year.... cool, crisp nights, (unless you're in the southern regions of the United States); trees changing their colors; sweaters out of containers and mothballs; and light jackets on the arms. But for Sampson's, it's the beginning of Nursing School Graduations all around the country that we are concerned with! Now that scholarship applications are available on our website-they are starting to roll in! And while we are happy and excited to see the fabulous students who will be gracing the Healthcare Scene, we have put a halt to providing Scholarships ... just temporarily.

Unfortunately, we have to. Donations have fallen and although we are getting ready for our upcoming Fall Gala in November, we are lacking the necessary funding NOW! So, can you help us? Since the Covid Pandemic, State Boards have dropped to $200 from almost twice that on a national basis. Small or large, a one-time gift or a monthly DONATION would truly help! And we have been very busy securing funding. Our speaking engagements have brought in funds that paid for 64 deserving Graduate Nurses the first two years that we have been in existence. It started with our local Kiwanis Naples on the Gulf who have been supporting us with several thousand dollars the last two years. Linda F. Hill, our CEO and Founder, spoke a couple months ago at the Naples Newcomers Club South and we became their charity of choice for the last quarter netting us $801.00 in donations! And that started from a presentation at the Naples Elk Lodge 2010 last year. They donated $1,000! Other monies soon fell into place. Fuller Funeral Home, Pine Ridge (Naples) employees donated their bonuses of almost $4,000. And Facebook'sNetwork for Good brought in $600 and small amounts still trickle from my birthday charity. So small or big, these have made a world of difference to Students who might not have realized their Dream. Please contact us. We would be glad to provide a Speaker for YOUR organization or present a Service for a Loved One.

In addition, other donations came from families for whom Sampson's members have performed a Nurses' Memorial Service and a Recognition Service. All these donations resulted in $12,800 worth of SCHOLARSHIPS 64 in total and helped with administrative fees in order to run our events.

I think if everyone looked at their Life's experiences, they will find they have already come in contact with a Nurse who made a difference in someone's life they know. Nurses not only perform medical tasks but give comfort and hope. It's not just a job but a Calling. Their training is not easy; nor is it cheap. And we are just trying to extend some help so at the end they can take their State Boards, move into the field and Make a Difference! And yes, most have job offers after Graduation BUT they need to pay and sit for their State Boards FIRST. Remember, it benefits both them, their families and ALL OF OURS.

*******. Please take a look at our website and plan on attending our upcoming Fall Gala on November 16th at the Vineyards Country Club in Naples. It will be a fun time in addition to raising monies for deserving Graduate Nurses. Come and meet some some of the individuals that these Scholarships helped and what it meant to them.


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