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SAMPSON'S INTERNATIONAL NURSING SOCIETY, INC., headquartered in Naples, will sponsor its 2nd ANNUAL "WALK IN MY SHOES" to Celebrate Nurses as part of its Nurses Week Events.  This year's site will be at Riverside Park in Downtown Bonita Springs right off Old 41.  

               When:  Sunday, May 5th from 8 am to 10:30 am  

               Donation:  $25.00 per Adult; children are free.  

Funds raised go to enabling Nursing Students to take their State Boards and enter the workforce to help end the shortage in today's healthcare.


              Registration:  Please go online at or in person at 8 am on the 5th.  A Celebration Service will be performed prior to the Walk starting at 8:30 am.

This year's theme is honoring the incredible Nurses who embody the "Spirit of Compassion and Care" worldwide; those who celebrate the wins with their patients as well as the losses in their lives and those who give comfort when it is needed most. 

Your gift for signing up is a Sampson's wristband that will enable you to follow Sampson's journey and watch how you are helping family and friends both near and far.

                             POWER                               STRENGTH                      ACCOUNTABILITY

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