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Pinning Ceremony of Nova Southeastern University, Fort Meyers Florida on April 25th 2023

Thanks to our generous donors, Of almost 50 graduates, 12 received scholarships from Sampson's International Nursing Society, Inc. to enable them to take their State Boards.

Student Alejandra Olivia, a Veteran of 9 years serving 2 tours as a medic, was a student speaker for the B.S.N. program. She admitted it was a tough program and credited her "girls" for being there for her.

Another recipient Donald Child's, is a 20 year veteran.. He also received an additional student reward.

From left to right: Edward Franco, Campus Director; Linda F. Hill, CEO/Founder of Sampson's; Student Shany Kanacheril and her mom who pinned her They are from India.

Linda Hill with Recipients and Graduates of the BSN program.

Please show your support by donating to Sampson's International Nursing Society. We need more nurses to succeed and help in their communities
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