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Well helloooo!

Let me start off with a BIG CONGRATULATIONS TO PENNY BENNER of Fort Myers,(FL) and Illinois!

She won the Scentsy plug-in warmer at a local Senior Expo recently...She and a friend came over and visited Linda and I at our Sampson's table and chatted with us and entered our giveaway. And THANK YOU to our Sampson's Supporter, Ariala Belkoff, who donated it....Much appreciated.

Penny actually stopped by as Linda was wearing her Nurses "Whites"-uniform including her Cap, which always draws attention since

Nurses all wear scrubs now. Very nice to see all the attention it brings to our table. We met many people and many will now be a part of our viewing audience.


The GALA IS LESS THAN A MONTH AWAY! Please purchase your tickets NOW as numbers go in shortly to catering!! Great gifts for auctions will be baskets of various items and prices; a timeshare auction, 50-50 AND OVER A $1000.00 OF FINE DINING FROM FABULOUS RESTAURANTS AROUND SWFL! Linda and I have been rolling around Lee and Collier counties talking to OLD AND NEW SUPPORTERS OF OUR ORGANIZATION. So...purchase online on our events page or mail in your donation envelope with your reservation..Or call Linda with your credit card..Remember, a full table of 8 is discounted so bring your friends and co-workers. We are planning to have some FUN!!

Besides fun, we have a great guest speaker planned as well as Nurses who will tell their stories of receiving THEIR scholarships and the difference it made for them! This is what we are here for!!

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